I'm Richard, a 24 year-old meteorologist who's been passionate about the weather for as long as I can remember. From a very early age, I've always been fascinated by the physical processes which govern the Earth and its atmosphere. At school, I took a particular interest in Physical Geography and Physics, which I took for A-level, along with Maths. 

The decision to study meteorology at the University of Reading was an easy one in the end, as the course offered many opportunites to advance my understanding and passion for the subject. From 2012, I studied for four years, and now hold a First Class M.Met Meteorology and Climate degree. I was also fortunate to spend my third year studying at the School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma; here I witnessed some truly awesome weather, including ice storms and flash flooding. I also had the opportunity to test my mettle by chasing supercell thunderstorms on the Great Plains - an unforgettable experience! 

Since September 2016, I have been working full-time as a professional operational meteorologist in London. I try to go on epic adventures with my friends whenever I can; highlights include witnessing the total solar eclipse of 21st August 2017, and a 3-week storm chasing holiday to the Great Plains in May and June 2018!
I have always been fascinated by what is going on in the atmosphere, be it the formation of cumulus clouds in the afternoon and dew in the morning, to the extreme weather associated with a tropical cyclone and the winds of a tornado. 
In the summer of 2015, I decided to create this website to share my passion for the weather, by providing explanations of meteorological terms, detailed analysis of weather events, as well as by building up my own archive of photos and vidoes, including those from storm chasing! 
Ultimately, I would like to put together a meteorological encyclopedia of sorts, with descriptions of weather phenomena and explanations of meteorological jargon and terms. Coming from the UK, I will be analysing extreme weather events here, as well as abroad. I will try to update the website whenever I can, with new pictures, vidoes and explanations.
This website is always a work in progress, but I hope that you are able to share a little of my passion and enthusiasm for the weather! Enjoy :). 
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Sunset over the Grand Canyon, 4th January 2015.

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